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There was a problem with some comments being directly rejected by the akismet spam tool I'm using. I changed the settings to have this comments moderated now. So if you had problems posting comments and you are feeling that those comments are completely lost now - don't worry - I'll only have to approve them personally. Please don't be disappointed if this doesn't happen instantly.

Update: After 12 hours not using a direct "reject" on reported spam by akismet I recieved over 100 spam postings. I could not yet determine whether a more restrictive use of some of my other Spam filters would reduce this number. So far I did set akismet spam back to be rejected. I'm searching for a solution.

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  1. abdussamad says:

    *I don't get it. Why not just use captcha? That should cut down on 99% of all spam. S9y has a captcha option. Perhaps your server does not support that? You can also try and enable forced moderation for comments older than X days. Plus reduce the number of links allowed per comment.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well, I use captchas for comments on older entries. On the newest entries, which are not protected I don't recieve too much Spam at all. My main Problem is automated trackback spam.. But I probably found a method to ease this problem. Will explain the Details later. Akismet is set back to moderate.

  3. Abdussamad Abdurrazzaq says:

    *I had a trackback spam problem as well. There is an option in s9y that checks the trackback url to make sure that that site links to your site. Only if it does link to your site is the trackback accepted. So that should cut down on most trackback spam :-).

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *You are absolutely right.. Thanks for this comment - I had turned this feature off, for some reason.. It's back on now, and I hope it will work - so our friends in Eastern Europe are back in the commenting game :-)

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