Blogger meeting at the Fässla brewery

BloggerThis year, the 3rd of November was not only my brothers 25th birthday, but also the date of the first meeting of Bamberg's Bloggers this winter semester. This time we met at the Fässla brewery, which offers great Franconian cooking and cheap (2€/0,5l) beer. Since the day was a Friday a few of us couldn't make it, since they did spent the weekend at their parents place. But the "hard core" made it to the meeting. Unluckily I had to leave early for my brothers b-day party, so I could only take a few pictures.

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  1. Solange says:

    *I guess after being abroad no prices in Bamberg seem cheap any more. 2€ for a beer? Go to "Belle epoque" here and get half a litre for.. let me guess.. how much was it.. 1,20€? But I am sure your beer was worth it and the pictures look like a lot of fun. So I send best regards to Bamberg, still unforgotten Bamberg... and of course to you, too

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