Bamberg meme

A friend of mine created a meme about the town I’m living in for about 7 years now. It has been answered by a lot of blogger-friends, and here I go:

Why Bamberg?
Since I didn’t want to study business administration, but rather something related to computer science I ended up deciding that information systems would be a good choice. Bamberg seemed to be the perfect place and had no restricted admission for this course.

Did you ever regret your decision? Never!

Favorite bakery?
I really like the donuts (Krapfen) from the Fuchs-bakery – but I buy most of my bread at the Lidl supermarket..

Favorite doner kebab snack booth?
Pizza and more! (at the Lange Straße) – there is no better Döner in town!

Favorite brewery?
Mahr! A U!

Favorite store?
That Asia Shop at the Königstraße.

Favorite park?
Since I was living almost three years next to it I can only answer this question naming the beautiful Hain.

Favorite place? – guess where it is!

Favorite library?
TB5 has a beautiful view – TB4 is really Modern, TB1 has an overwhelming ambience. But I still prefer TB3 – thinking about the hours I was learning there it feels a bit like home.

Favorite building of the university?
Although there are a lot of great buildings downtown BA – “university” still means Feki for me. So I’m naming the main Feki building here.

Students of which course are your favorite?
I don’t think I can answer this question. I think I could find aspects for almost every course. Like - my Information system fellows for being geek like me.

Given free choice - where would you like to live in Bamberg?
I’d move back to the Obere Mühlbrücke or into the vicinity – Your downtown pretty fast, and you are at the Hain instantly!

Which aspect of Bamberg do you absolutely dislike?
Petty bourgeois attitude of some of the native people.

What do you like most about Bamberg?
The comfortable size - although I cursed the relative small size mor than once (seems like everybody knows everybody) there is everything you need to live and it is very comfortable to reach. If I'd have something to suggest to improve: Get us a place, where you can get food 24/7! (and a short political statement: down with the store closing laws!!)

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