A weird night!

Do you know these evenings/nights, when everything just won’t work like intended? I had one of them yesterday:

“Yes I’m really tired, too – probably better catch some decent sleep tonight instead of seeing each other.” With this rather rational argumentation I was looking forward for a calm evening and a long night with plenty of recovery. Later I resisted my friends who were about to convince me that a visit to “Drönland” a party with quite hard music would be a good place to have a beer or two! I decided that it would be better to save the necessary money – only have 30€ left for this month. Ok, I got to admit that I watched a movie and it was about 1am when I finally got to bed – but that’s a god time for me anyway. So I went into my bed some time after 1am. It didn’t take me too long to fall asleep. But at 2am suddenly my mobile phone tore me out of my dreams. An unknown number calling in the middle of the night?!? Having a closer look at the number I already got an SMS explaining everything “Cat you are being attacked!” – It was my Astrowars Buddy Matti informing me of an incoming attack within this text based online real time strategy game. So I went to the computer and ran right into our little online crisis conference. Another player of our alliance was also attacked by this Lithuanian alliance which has decided us to be the main target of their aggression! He had is defence already in place. Now, we were starting to calculate how I could win that battle – I was being attacked by one of the ten biggest fleets in that game! And I didn’t have too much production points which are needed to build defences saved. So I first had to use the last chance (If you really need some in-game money you may donate to the game creator, and you will win some in-game money) – so I did that until I had enough money to raise a decent defence. The only problem was that I needed the help of another alliance member to get the defences in place. So another member got a wake-up call in the middle of the night… I then got up at 7am and at 8:45am to check that everything went right and to build up my defence.

It worked!!! I got this guys fleet destroyed :-) Thx to everyone involved! And let’s hope for some more quiet nights!

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