Sports reloaded - training for the spine

This semester I’m having professional help to spice up my sportive live! I’m taking a course translated “preventive training for the back”! Yesterday was the first lesson I could attend, and I got really delighted. There were no boring exercises but an always smiling coach and some other thirty (!) students (the majority of them female) and a lot of general fitness exercises. It started like a classical sports lesson in school – warming up by running through the gym and making fancy moves with your limbs. Later we had exercises for the general fitness and especially for the stomach and back muscles- first while standing, later sitting. I couldn’t believe how fast the 60 minutes passed. Now I wonder why I didn’t take such an course earlier in my student life – it felt so rejuvenating!

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  1. Shanadoo - King Kong

    I really have to admit, that the song this post is about is... well the German expression would be "grenzwertig", which means something like "near limits". It is a cover of the original eurodance song by E-Rotic, which where well known


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