Let’s do it the Clooney way!

A few days ago I read an article about George Clooney and his problems regarding the tabloid press. Obviously he can’t go out on a single evening without being bothered by officious photographers. I’m not anywhere as interesting as George Clooney, but somehow the small size of Bamberg seems to inspire quite a rumour mill…

Clooney’s way out of this situation was just to date a different girl every day, so that the tabloid press should become bored of speculating again and again. Somehow I had quite a similar strategy for the time being: I’ll be visiting a dancing course this semester with Katrin, I was skiing with Berit, and I took Hanna out to the recent Ersti-Party. Although I didn’t cause this “confusion” on purpose some of my friends seem to be quite eager on speculating on my love life.. Let’s see whether I can add something today ;-)

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