Tuscany 2006 – Day 6 – The mountains of Umbria – Camerino

Mountains of UmbriaQuite interesting that I watched the seasons end of Alias season five yesterday, and once more the series played in Italy (since the whole series involves researching the works of a fictive ancient Italian researcher the story was set in Italy quite often). But this time the film makers got a blatant error into their script. The mountain scene visited in Umbria was set on a big glacier. None of the mountains in Umbria is high enough to have even a little glacier..

City of CamerinoThe city of Camerino is on the top of one of the mountains at an altitude of about 660m. The town once provided home for a pope and is university town since the 14th century. Walking through the narrow streets of that town there were indeed a lot of students and pupils on the road. It was a bit like walking through the old town of Bamberg, but the other way around. This time I was the alien trying to get pictures of all those nice sights, were all the other people were “just” living there.

Dinner: Pizza Rustica – Profiteroles

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