Sandkerwa - Day 6 – The big after party

girlsSince I’m already writing about some past incident, I thought I’d also complete the coverage of the Sandkerwa. Although I was home relatively early on Monday I didn’t manage to catch to much restful sleep, so I was not really up for too much party. But since I had been helping the Haas Säle doing their pictures I felt obliged to join the after party for at least a beer. Easily (don’t quite remember how that worked) a few blogger friends could be mobilized to join the party! paule, Scotti, Maddin, Jan and myself joined (some at least to have a beer together). The party was planned to be very small, so Wredo hadn’t bothered to get a DJ – but his old notebook computer containing only weird music. I asked whether we could have some more party tunes, and was immediately recruited being the DJ… Since it was just the job to fill the play list with some suitable tracks it was not too big a burden. Usually there had been several special priced beverages at this after party, but this year Wredo treated us to several rounds of some redcurrant liquor. Although there were just very few people there we had a real good time – even dancing on the tables! At the end it was far later than planned, when we left the Haas Säle being the last guests.

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