Tuscany 2006 – Journey/Day 1

Friday night 11:58pm it was done

  • the car fully packed
  • house and farm secured
  • seating order inside the car figured out
  • root planning and who drives when figured out.

We were on out way to Italy!

I had to pack my stuff in two instances, since I didn’t have all the necessary goods in Bamberg, but it was not to complicated for me since I don’t need too much stuff on such a holiday: Some adequate clothing, photo camera, my notebook computer and something to read. Not too big requirements. But since the lens of my camera is still broken I had to borrow some replacement. Luckily Jochen helped out and lent me his EF-28-135mm IS. Books to read I had organized the day before, notebook and external hard disk to deal with some media during my holidays I had packed in Bamberg, so I only had to complete my clothing in Truppach.

x5I had the honour to drive the first part of the about 1000km to Acquaviva/Siena in the southern Tuscany. My father’s BMW X5 is a nice car, but driving on the highway I’d have somehow preferred my limousine. Manual gear shift, less noise while driving and a better holding on bends are my arguments in favour of my car. But I guess complaining about this is just nit-picking because I’m not used to the X5, and I’ve been driving my 5-series for about 5 years… traditionally we didn’t take the Brenner Highway, but the old mountain pass, but I made it down to Sterzing in a decent time. There we had a two hours break, before my father took us down the remaining distance. On the way down there we had a remarkable incident with our BMW navigation system. Between Bologna and Modena it received a traffic Jam through it’s TMC and wanted us to drive some 200(!)km detour. We didn’t listen to its recommendation – and at the end there was no jam at all!

Arriving shortly between 12am we immediately got our flat, and could relax there after a strenuous journey. Later that day we shortly visited Montepulciano to buy some stuff at the local supermarket, and at the end of the day we had a very delicious dinner at the L’Angolo restaurant in Acquaviva.

Dinner: Spaghetti a la carbonara – Pizza L’Angolo - Profiteroles

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