24 – 1st season

I bought the 1st season of 24 about two weeks ago, when I was shopping at Low Yat Plaza. Originally I didn’t want to buy that specific series, because I was told that it would get you addicted pretty fast, and I wanted to get something, where you are not tempted to see the whole season in one evening. But since I couldn’t get the 1st season of CSI Miami, I ended up with 24.

The first season covers one day in the life of an government agent called “Jack Bauer” who works for a special “Counter Terrorist unit”, and his assignment is to protect a senator who is about to run for the presidency of the U.S.. So the main plot seems to be very simple: good guy defends other good guy against bed guys. But of course it wouldn’t be possible to fill 24 episodes if it wouldn’t get more complicated. So of course Jack’s family get’s involved, and the senators family plays an imported role etc. Since there are several strands of the plot, the viewer is kept under permanent tension, and is permanently curious, what will happen next.

Until now I have watched the season until episode 21, and i'm really tempted to go home and watch the season final, but since I overcam my TV addiction long before I will resist, and wait until Dirk and I can see the final together.

I enjoyed every second of the season so far, and to have it happen in real time gives it quite a special touch. So if you are bored and you want to see a thrilling series, 24 could be your choice.

(Jay's Rating: 5/5)

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  1. Anna says:

    *Tell me about being addicted to TV-series. :-)

    I'm already nervous about the next episode of LOST coming out next week!!!
    And I lost count of how many times I have seen Friends now. They're my company on sundays, when we were out as usual the night before... - I highly recommend watching series on "hangover-days"! ;-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Hi Anna,
    since I never seen LOST before I can’t judge your curiosity, but sounds like a nice series, too. Friends for hangover-days is most probably a good idea. Since I have only seen a couple of episodes this might even something new for me ;-) How many seasons were produced? 10? Guess that’s plenty of material to watch. I think I’ll stick to newer stuff right now. I accidentally brought the first season “dead like me” with me, and I’m still stuck at the beginning of Season 3 of Alias.



  3. bonscott says:

    *It's great to hear that you finally got started with 24. <strong>looks at his Jack Bauer poster in awe</strong> Alltough you wouldn't have had to travel around half the globe to do that, but still. :-) Anything good on Malaysian television, like game shows where people get chased by crocodiles or something? ;-)

    I think BrotZapfen will agree with me when I say that the second season rocks even more <strong>although</strong> Kim is still in it, so you got something to look forward to in case you've got more free time to kill and are not too exhausted from work. :-)

    And I also can't wait for the last couple of Lost episodes. I think JJ has come up with an even better cliffhanger for that season finale than he did in all the Alias season finals before. I just can't wait to see that one! :-)

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Hi bonscott,

    didn't have too much chance to see any "typical" Malaysian TV series. Only some chinese soap opera, which was actually in english, but you couldn't understand that it was english cause the ppl spoke real fast and with an awful slang.. Think the Malaysian TV-culture is quite conservativ.. Will keep you updated in this.

    You are right - Kim can be a pain in the ass.. Well. apparently she's a girl.. Let's just see what happens next..

    I'm still somewhere stuck @Alias season 3 episode 4 i think.. But the cliffhanger from season 2 to 3 was quite impressive.. let's see what's up with Jack..



  5. The Svan (Pimp up my Student) says:

    *<strong>You've officially been pimped...</strong>
    Hau arr juh duing, Mr. Hösch? Ze Univerzity of Bamberg feelz empty wizout you. I feel empty too, but that's probably because I had to throw up as I am still a little hung over.
    So, you went to an in-disco? Tsktsktsk, ve Germanz hav to vork very hart to be able to afford somezing like zat. But zat's ok, enjoy your time until ze REAL work starts!

  6. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Ey, Svanni!

    Nize 2 have u around ,) - @least here on zis virtual platform. I miss our evenings out in ze town. U should be here in .my and help me 2 check out ze bunnys in KL!



  7. Jack Bauer says:

    *Get urself seasons 2 and 3, afterwards sell 'em to me ;-)

    Hope you enjoy your trip and we won't hear something about a "Fear and Loathing in Malaysia"

    So Far,
    "My Name is Jack Bauer and I approve this message!"

  8. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Well Jack,

    actually i'm suprised, that you are interested in having the documentation of some of your worst days in live on DVD, but i will see, what i can do :-)



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