Zeltkerwa - Review on Friday with Audio-1

Jessi from Audio-1Currently the sound check for today’s band at the Zeltkerwa in Truppach bugs me.. Yesterday my brother managed to convince me to stay at the Kerwa far longer than I initially planed – my hit and run tactic was undermined by his invitation to one or two drinks at the bar.. That gave me the chance to compile a quite impressive pictures series of Audio-1’s performance yesterday. I had about 500 images raw material and the best images made it online. The music of Audio 1 was very “dark” (which reminded me to International Pony’s song “Gothic Girl”), but I indeed enjoyed a few songs (especially their cover of Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark" – which is one of my favourite songs). I enjoyed The overall performance although some songs were not exactly my taste (German lyrics enclosed). Let’s hope that “Race” manages to attract a) a bigger audience and b) is a little nearer to the usual party mainstream.

Boehse Onkelz - Mexiko Lyrics

Mit'n Sombrero auf und Doc Martens an
so geht die Reise los
Auch ohne Geld wenn's sein muß
auch mit 'nem Floß
und wenn wir drüben sind
dann wird's erst richtig schön
wir werden uns're Mannschaft siegen seh'n
Senoritas im Arm
Tequila lauwarm
vom Durchfall geplagt
und von Fliegen gejagt
im Land der Kakteen werden wir
Du wirst sehn
wieder Weltmeister, Weltmeister sein
Siegesgewiß fahren wir nach Mexico
um uns're Elf zu sehn
im Siegesrausch, voller Alkohol
lassen wir die Fahnen wehn
Durst und Schweiß
heißt der Preis
um Triumphe zu erleben
kann es etwas schön'res geben
als Weltmeister zu sein
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  1. Questionnaire 2006

    I had this meme last year, and I thought it might be nice to answer it again. Last year it was dominated by issues during my stay in Malaysia. Guess this year it's a little less extraordinary.Gained or lost weight? – Don't know, don't care - my friends


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