Sawubona. Kunjani wena?

Thx to british trance DJ Shaun Baker I’ve learned a little Zulu. He created a cover version of Laid Back’s song “Bakerman” and brought it into the German Single charts. He even performed his song at the ZDF Fernsehgarten… (the performance is very funny, if you put under regard that it is a trance DJ who is doing the perfomance.) I personally didn’t expect a trance DJ to do such a mainstream-pop-cover.. Guess the explanation is quite simple: there is a trance version, too – but of course you need to sell your records and the group of trance fans is shrinking in Europe. So it’s better to produce for the mainstream. Anyway. Now I need to get this catchy tune out of my mind again!

Baker man is baking bread (2x)

Sagabona kunjani wena (2x)

The night train is comming
Got to keep on running (2x)

Bakerman is baking bread
Bakerman is making bread

Sagabona kunjani wena (2x)

The night train is coming (2x)

Bakerman is baking bread

Sagabona kunjani wena

Bakerman is baking bread

You've got to cool down
Take it easy
You've got to cool down
Relax, take it easy

Slow down (slow down) relax (relax)
It's too late to worry
Slow down (slow down)
take it easy
take it easy
take it easy
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