Sandkerwa – Day 2 – Taking a stroll at the Kerwa and the sausage story

KerwaYesterday I started into the Kerwa with Karsten taking a stroll over the Kerwa area. On our stroll we enjoyed a chilled Mahr-U and met a lot of friends. Unluckily I had to take care of my beer and couldn’t take too much pictures. We noticed that the Kerwa seems to start later this year – at around 9pm there were a lot of people on the street – but barely someone inside the many many bars..

PArty at J-newsThis time I had a lot of fun taking pictures at the Haas-Säle (probably because it was much easier for me to ask people for pictures after having a few drinks..). At the Haas-Säle we also had an “old-times-revival” since Robert and To, Tim and me were there. Our evening together ended at Dörte’s place –and enjoying a Krakauer-Sausage there someone had the idea, that we could bring our own sausages the next day. It was decided, that I’d be responsible to get sausages, Robert and Anna would bring bread and Tim has to take care for mustard. So I bought sausages today…

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