Sandkerwa – Day 1 – Big Sound Jack and the attacked photographer

I’ll try to give a short summary and pick on or two things that happened on that evening for my Kerwa-Coverage. You can’t visit the Sandkerwa without seeing Big Sound Jack at the Katzenberg for at least one time. So we (paule, scotti and me) decided to meet up early and have a beer at the Katzenberg. At quarter to six we found ourselves a nice table beyond a parasol (unluckily not in order to protect ourselves from the sun, but from rain…). This had the big disadvantage that the acoustic wasn’t to good there, and it took quite a while to get into a little partying mood. The waiter there was very entertaining – he did have to serve beer to a lot of visitors from abroad, but lacking the necessary English skills it was not easy for him to explain, that there was a 5€ deposit on the beer mugs...

Later I was at the Haas-Säle to take some pictures for their web-page and had to realize that photography can be a tough business. While standing on stage next to the DJ I saw a couple dancing quite interesting, so I took the chance and took a picture of them. The guy realized this and immediately jumped towards the stage in order to attack me. Luckily the wall there shielded me and I could evade by making two steps backward.. The guy was calmed down by some of his friends and then disappeared, but it took my a while to recover from the shock.

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