Sandkerwa – Day 0 – The Wake-Up Party

Girls :)Since I will have at least one picture gallery to announce every day (I’m doing the photography stuff for, I will try to give a short review after each of the festival days. As you know we started early this year having a Wake-Up Party at the Nelson Lounge. Since I was there on purpose for the blogger meeting, I started early into the evening –and at 8pm straight we were the first to be at the Nelson Lounge, unluckily DJ Funboy didn’t open before 20minutes past eight – but he honoured our time waiting in front of the venue offering a free welcome liquor for everyone. That was the start into a very entertaining evening. Just have a look at the pictures here. I got the chance to play a few tracks (although some of the guests didn't like them..), we were dancing and dancing and dancing. I also visited the warm up party at the Haas-Säle to take some pictures there, but since there were only a few people there I didn’t spend too much time over there, while most of my friends were partying at the Lounge (after our efforts to promote the party, I had expected a few more - but obviously five days of party are hard enough for many of them.)

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  1. bonscott says:

    *war ne feine sache, ja. ;-)

    nur der turbojugendmatrose aus dem mc hat in der lounge noch gefehlt. der wär sicher auch reizend gewesen mit knicklichtern dekoriert.

  2. paule says:

    *ich bin etz echt der große freund der knicklichter. unglaublich vielseitig, sicher auch nach der party einsetzbar...;-)
    an viele der menschen auf den bildern kann ich mich überhaupt net erinnern! komisch. aber schey war's!

  3. bonscott says:

    *das is ja fast schamlos, wie du hier meine ideen klaust ;-)

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Das geht ja schon fast in die Richtung Knicklicht-Fetischismus.. also ich hab hier noch eins liegen, das gerade ausläuft..

    Das mit den Menschen auf den Bildern.. ich würde sagen.. reden wir lieber net drüber.. ich hab da noch n paar aussortiert..

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