Viral marketing - an approach to promote a student party

At our summer partycipate at the Sandstraße there was a really great after hour at the Nelson Lounge.After the event it was clear that it would be a great place for some small but intense parties! So my friend Thomas had the idea for a party there. Unluckily the party team of was not very convinced of celebrating at this venue. But although there was not much support to expect from the idea for a party was born. A “Sandkerwa® Wake-Up-Party”.

The day before the Sandkerwa starts is traditionally a good day to party since the opening restriction at the festival area don’t yet apply (parties are only allowed until 1am during the festival) and everyone can’t expect to party. But how can we promote such a party without too much effort, and without the help of a small teaser on to inform the students?
The plan to do this is quite easy – convince enough opinion leaders to join the party and make them tell there friends. This approach should be sufficient to fill a small party location like the Nelson Lounge. And as we all remember – it worked for the first participate–parties, too. The approach five years ago was different:

  • There were flyers (at least basic ones) to promote the event.
  • It took place during the semester, when a lot of students were in town.
  • There was a group of ten people personally inviting all the friends they met at the university (I very well remember To walking from table to table at the university cafeteria inviting people).
  • And last but not least there was advertisement running all over the small platform (which of course had only a very limited number of users at this time

This time we

  • personally invited all (about 70) members (pointing out the outstanding atmosphere at the last party at the Nelson Lounge)
  • Initiated a meeting of Bamberg's Bloggers at the Party
  • Made the party a Channel-party inviting all users of the Chat.
  • Created a group for the party at the social software platform “” and invited all kind of people to join it
  • Initiated a thread at the board promoting several events at the Sandkerwa – but of course placing the emphasis on the fact that Wake-Up party is the place to be on Wednesday
  • Promote the Party via message board signature “Mi, 23.8. Wake-up Party - die Sandkerwa(R) ist da in der NELSON LOUNGE”
  • Promoted via my blog
  • Added the date to the Terminkalender
  • Had DJ Funboy promoting the party

So, let's hope that our efforts will be rewarded with success!

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  1. Sabine says:

    *Klingt nach Einladung 2.0

    Hm, jetzt wo ich das so lese, schwindet die Lust hinzugehen, ein wenig. Hm.

  2. paule says:

    *oh, aber es hat sich doch wirklich gelohnt, hingegangen zu sein! klein aber definitiv fein würd ich sagen!

    achja, jay, erzähl doch mal die geschichte von deinem velo ;-)

  3. Sabine says:

    *Jep, schey wars, wenn auch die Nebenwirkungen grad noch weng zu lang anhalten...

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