The Wyrd Sisters

Header pictureAlthough already a few days have past I want to use the chance for some explanations about my current header picture. Most of you (unless you are only following my blog via RSS) should have noticed it. It shows the four witches Granny, Nanny, Magrat and Elda. Three of these witches are the main persons in Terry Prattchet’s book “The Wyrds sisters”. I’ve been to Erlangen to see this play performed by the EDS. Terry Pratchett’s book has been adapted for stage by Stephen Briggs, and the director of the EDS Damian Quinn once more managed to stage a vivid and interesting play! Sabine and Flo joined me to visit Erlangen and wrote about there impressions here and here. I also couldn’t resist to take a few “snapshots”. Although the play took about three hours it was worth every minute and I’m looking forward to visit EDS next performance!

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  1. joshua says:

    *Have you drop by Bangsar's Actor Studio during your Malaysian stint before?

    They have neat and nice plays there...

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Unluckily I didn't make it to go there for a play.. As I read in your blog you had a lot of fun there. Well. I'll put it on my visiting list for the next time I'm in Malaysia!

    I remember that Siemens sponsored some something like that, but I was too slow to get any tickets :-(

  3. Joshua says:

    *Drop me a beep man if u're here.

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