It’s a very common thing for artists to spice up their old songs with new voices. If this is done professionally, the results can be quite impressive. A very nice example for this is U2’s song “One” – ok the original version is outstanding but now they manage to get R’n’B-Star Mary J Blige to perform this song as a duet with Bono. In my opinion this spices up the song even more.

In contrary to this planned feature for the song it seems that there are unplanned features, too. Especially on festivals, where a lot of musicians meet – they organize such guest performances. ..but.. if there is not enough preparation… well, I found two “accidents” with Nelly Furtado doing a guest performance lately. The first occurred in 2004 while the band “Sportfreunde Stille” performed at the Comet (award show of the German music television channel Viva). Nelly appears on stage in order to sing the Spanish lyrics of the song "Ich roque", but her shrill voice is only distracts the viewer from the original song. The second happened lately in 2006 at the “Rock im Park”-festival. “Reamonn performed their classic song “Supergirl” and Nelly is there, but she hardly hits a note…

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