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Recent events make me understand discussions about our health insurance having too much administration. Obviously one administrative assistant does not know about the others work. Did those guys ever hear about customer profiles or adequate customer relationship management? Some three weeks ago I was very delighted by a friendly call from the AOK Bayreuth, since I had told them that I would finish my studies after this semester I was asked about my progress. I told the lady that I would spend the next month writing my final thesis. So I was advised to pay my study fees once more to continue with the special students rates.
Then my mum drew my attention to a letter I received last week. Obviously another administrative assistant had somehow calculated something, and I was asked to think about my insurance status since I would enter the 14th semester in my current course (Fachsemester). I was a little astonished… How can they have such a number? The only chance they have is to have a look at the statements they get from my university – and this statement says that I’m running my 11th semester!

Anyway.. the assistant I was talking to today asked my to send in the statement “Studienbescheinigung” for the next semester and that he would care about the problem.. Let’s hope this works…

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  1. Sabine says:

    *Na, ich fürchte, so schnell wird das nicht gehen... klingt nach Spaß mit der Krankenkasse in Fortsetzungen.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Hoffen wir mal net..

  3. Georg says:

    *Hehe, da hat noch jemand diesen wundervollen Spießrutenlauf zu bestehen?? ;-( Good luck! Und sei froh, daß Du wenigstens nicht "ohne Versicherungsschutz" bist (zumindest laut einem Brief, der den anderen widerspricht)

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Oha.. bin ich dann doch net der einzige mit solchen Problemen.. Naja. Schaumer moll, dann werma scho seng. Und wenns mehr Stress gibt muss das Ziel sein, so schnell wie möglich nen Job zu finden, bei dem ich mich privat versichern kann ;-)

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