Summershine Vol. 1– Jay’s Summer Hits

Summer in MalaysiaIn 1998 just some weeks before I went into my final grammar school exams I compiled a few songs to my personal Summershine compilation. This CD was a very good companion through the last years, when I was searching for some summer songs. Right now I’m about to compile a second volume with more and newer summer related songs. But since we have youtube these days I’ve added available video links to my original track list. Hope you like it!

Playahitty – The Summer is magic
Pearl – Summer Holiday
Scooter – Endless Summer
Crème 21 – Wann wirds mal wieder richtig Sommer (1996)
Joe Cocker – Summer in the city
Dario G – Sunchyme
Bryan Adams – Summer of 69
Fun Factory – Celebration
Captain Jack - Holiday
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet home Alabama
Mr. President – Coco Jambo
Dr. Motte ft. Westbam – Sunshine (Anthem Love parade 1997)
Aphrodisi – Sunshine
Alphaville – Forever Young
Scooter – I’m Raving
DJ Pierro – Another World
Fun Factory – Take your chance
3-O-Matic – Success

I still remember that a few songs including "3-O-Matic - Success" were taken from the compilation "Megahits 95 - Die Erste". "Success" and "Take your chance" were some of my favorites songs at this time - i used them to motivate myself for my exams. I still remember when I drove to my school before my first A-Level exam and listened to this two songs.. what a feeling. Guess you gotta be a friend of Eurodance to enjoy..

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  1. Summershine Vol. 2

    The summer is almost over, but I finally managed to compile a second CD containing my most favourite tracks related to “summer” and “sunshine” (See this post for the first compilation). After some searching it wasn’t too easy to find my favourite songs am


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