Site Statistics - July 06

Today is a good day to give an overview about my current web page statistics. Why today? Because the month July is over and I have this nice graphic below to show you. The number of visitors ddi almost continously increaseover the last months (somehow I doubt that it will increase any further - but that’s what I thought last month, too) Anyway as you can see my page is quite a bugger concerning traffic – a total of more than 6GB of data has been transmitted over the last 31 days (1GB was realted to that "Bar Shootout" Flash game). There was an average of 614 visits per day consuming more than 2000 pages per day. I thinkthese numbers are far too high. I don't know exactly how Webalizer produces these numbers, but my Blogcounter get’s me an average of 100 unique visitors a day.. far more realistic.

Blogcounter did help me to trace a lot of visitors and it seems that the late success of my blog is related to my Audioscrobbler Plugin, which always displays songs I listened to recently. Those song informations get indexed by Google and other search engines - and suddenly people searching for "karmah tom's diner.mp3" get directed to my blog..

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