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I saw this meme a view days ago, and wondered how long it would take to hit me. On Friday Jan got hit and used paule to bring this meme into the blogosphere of Bamberg.

Why are you blogging?
I discovered blogging as a nice tool for self-expression. Initially it was only a tool to keep contact to my friends and family while I was staying abroad but in the meantime it developed to a nice toy which I like to sue to write down my thoughts.

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in March 2005 in preparation for my internship with Siemens in Malaysia.

Why are people reading your blog(s)?
Probably because they are interested in the matters I’m writing about. But honestly – I’m not sure.

What was the last search result, which got someone visiting your site?
My service column on the right shows the Last Google Searches! But since there is an internet beyond Google, I’ll give you the last Yahoo search: “sgh-x820 language pack german”

Which of your posts did wrongfully not get the necessary attention?
There is one post that immediately comes into my mind.. I wrote a long post about my thought to the world youth day 2005 – and didn’t get a single comment on it (at least now it has its first trackback ;-)). But since this is the chance to promote such an article: READ IT!

What is your favorite Blog?
Actually I didn’t know that I should have one.. I'll think about it.

Name that last Blog you have read.
It was Steffanie Müller’s Blog. I didn’t want to translate this meme, and searched for an English version – I didn’t find one, but I found Steffanie’s Blog. Most of her articles are in Swedish, though – but from time to time she also blogs in German and English.

To which blogs do you want to forward this meme and why?
To Steffanie from Sweden - expecting to see some new German content in her Blog. (Hi Steffanie, the questions for this meme are available in German here.)
To Josh – since I didn’t contribute to his blog for quite a while
To Obelisk Dee - since she always likes distractions from her studies
To the Grützekraftwerk, since I’m really interested in getting this questions answered by Reaktorsicherhet and Supergau!
And last but not least to Feeodora and Deathslayer because I expect some deep insights about them...

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  1. Cought the stig …

    Nachdem unser einziger und vor allem treuer Leser fast unbemerkt vor einiger Zeit bereits uns ein Stöckchen vor’s Kraftwerk geworfen hat gibt es nun die Antworten - natürlich auch, um das Sommerloch zu stopfen … der Grützeschadbär läuft auch noch frei rum, Urlaub gibt’s auch keinen - also: Why are you blogging?


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  1. obeliskdee says:

    *Danke Schön
    It's so nice of you. I just love the distraction. Hehe. ;-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Always at your service madam :-)

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