It seems that I have a good sense for getting me into extra work… A few years ago I registered the domain www.zeltkerwa.de because I thought it would be a good way to promote this festival which takes place every first weekend in September in our small village. At that time my brother was treasurer of the society organizing this event. But since I wasn’t even a member of this society I didn’t give too much about caring for their web page (especially since I’m paying for it, and no one ever thanked my for that..). While my brother was active member he had his friend organizing the homepage, and it was ok. But later when he left, there was barely someone left with enough skills to care about the home page within that society.

When there was a problem of accessing the web space they cam back to me about two month ago – everything was fine with the web access – but I realized that editing static web pages with MS Forntpage was not a good solution for them. So I proposed to use a CMS… Well.. That was the point when I got back into that. I searched for a free CMS-Provider which would suit the requirements for an homepage relaunch. With supersized.org switching there serendipity hosting service to version 1.1-alpha7 and supporting Spartacus I found this Provider. So I opened that new blog yesterday, and now I’m hoping that I can convince the responsible persons to abandon the old web pages and to let me switch the domain to the new blog! (And of course, to get them using it.)

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  1. Sabine says:

    *Ah, jetzt, ja... Der mittwöchigen Rede dunkler Sinn wird etwas klarer nun.

    Dafür widme ich Dir folgende Meldung: http://www.tagesschau.de/aktuell/meldungen/0,,OID5759332_REF1,00.html

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *<strong>g</strong> Hab ich am Mittwoch nicht erwähnt, dass ich mich darüber bestimmt bloggender Weise auch noch auslassen werde? danke für die Widmung der Meldung.. da bin ich doch zumindest für jmd. n Blogadministrator :-)

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