Ignition switch broken or - fun in the sun

Today I was about to fetch a card for the student concert of the Bamberg Symphonic Orchestra from a friend, and was very astonished, that my car was still running after pulling the ignition key. At first I just left the car running and got the card, but even very sincere tries to use the ignition lock again were useless. So I drove to the next BMW garage and got an engineer to have a look at the ignition lock. The fast diagnosis was: ignition lock broken, replacement parts for 120€ needed (shipment will take about 3 working days, since the new lock needs to be especially encoded for the key), replacement will cost another 120€. FUN. I had even more fun walking home a good part of the way down from Hallstadt, since there was no bus running at that time. FUN IN THE SUN.

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