3D-Shooter Mash-Up

I searched my archives for a certain mp3, and doing that I found the attached mash up, which was done by a friend of mine some years ago. It combines a report on brutal 3D-Shooters with some audio taken from a few of our LAN-Parties... I hope you like it, i think it's just too good to stay in my archive. (Unluckily it's in German, apologies to my English speaking readers.)

Initially I planned to publish the file as my first podcast, but somehow I have problems using the s9y-podcast plugin... Probably next time.

Edit 17.07.: I managed to get the file embedded using quicktime now!

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  1. First Bloggercup

    I’m a little late with my posting since most of the other participants did already write about their experiences, but as you can’t hurry love you can’t hurry creativity sometimes, and it took a while for me to get a better picture of yesterdays events. Th


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