My Personal review of the last days

On the road to BerlinSince my last week was quite busy and there are once more a few image galleries I produced I will give you a short summary of my activities here. On Tuesday last week I hit the road to Berlin, to take part in the project. I arrived there right in time to settle down before the match between Germany and Italy. After the game at first everything seemed lost and so was I. But it didn’t take too long the next day to think about the next challenges, I although found some songs to ease the pain. Operating the camera for Gabe’s interview video awakened my interest for vlogging. You might see some experiments during the next weeks.. Too soon I had to say goodbye to Berlin.

Altstadfest impressionBut I was looking forward to a busy weekend in Bamberg. Our universities “Altstadtfest” made the start. Having some warmup-drinks at Markus place I reached it around 10pm and it took me about 2 hours of meet and greet to make a whole round through the event taking picture. It was a real pleasure to meet a lot of old friends there. Of course we couldn’t just leave after the party was over, I had a nice discussion at the Kapuzinerklause (aka “Die Zentrale”), and was caught by a few business students who had just left the cm-club later unluckily I couldn’t have a lie-in on Saturday, since it was my job to moderate the annual meeting of Netzwerk e.V.. Immediately after this meeting we joined the WIAI.Sommertreff - Another nice get-together. In the evening I took some pictures of the graduates’ dismissal and watched the game for third rank at the Luitpold café. On Monday I was out for a barbecue session with and yesterday was another barbecue session organized by the faculty SPLIT, where we had a blogger-meeting. The first reviews about this event are already written, and I feel like having only my upcoming images gallery to contribute.

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting Prof. Dörner’s farewell lecture and this weekend I’ll have another chance to spend some time handling hay, and probably I’ll be able to continue that discussion I had at the Kapuzinerklause.

header image farmBTW, I have a new header image, and it isn't just an image of some farmer handling hay - it's my father himself getting our chuck wagon loaded.

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