Cruel Summer

This is another one of those songs that comes into my mind in certain situations. I remember the time doing my military service on Oberviechtach, when this song was on one of my CDs… It was really fitting to the situation at that time. July/August 1998 was a really hot summer and being away from my family and from my friends from school felt quite cruel. “The city is crowded – my friends are away – and now I’m on my own”.

The original version of this song was performed by Bananarama someway back in the 80s, but Ace of Base’s cover versions are at least as good as the original. Using a standard dance beat the Eurodance-Version of Cruel Summer made it at least up to place 25 in at the German charts in 1998. The altered (slower/less beat) US-Version achieved #10 at the US-Charts!

I’m a lucky person - I'm not on my own and on my way to meet a lot of friends right now!

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