Fans lost their trousers

There has been quite discussion about Goleo VI (the mascot of the soccer world cup 2006). Many people complained that it would be inappropriate for a mascot to wear no trousers. Probably this was one of the reasons why the demand for this football lion was less than expected, and its producer as hit with insolvency. Lyssa blogging for is currently seeking for a new mascot since she really dislikes Goleo VI.

But now everything gets a new dimension – some Dutch soccer fans had to loose their trousers in order to be allowed to enter the soccer match against Ivory Coast! Obviously a Dutch brewery carried out marketing, distributing trousers with there logo. The strict responsible persons of the Fifa then protected the Anheuser Busch’s right to be the only seen beer sponsor… Weird world… Luckily for our Dutch neighbors, Germany is a liberal country, and the Fans were allowed to see the game wearing only underwear. Guess some years ago the U.S. would not have allowed something similar.

I'm really happy that our neighbours made it into the competition this time (After some problems four years ago). Probably our teams will meet like '74. But as we all now: "Der Ball ist rund, das spiel hat 90 Minuten und am Ende gewinnen immer die Deutschen." (The ball is circular, the game lasts 90 minutes and in the end Germany wins.)

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