Lessons learned during the last days

  • There is now after hour party in Bamberg at 4:30am unless
    • You know the right fraternity to drop in
    • You have a neighbour celebrating her birthday
    • You are a personal friend of Gisela and are able to drink huge amounts of “Kalte Ente”
  • If you think your friends are kind of exaggerated - still expect the unexpected
    • Even having “flashing” as a new sport of the masses its kinda unexpected if a friend of you gets her boyfriend almost stripped naked in the middle of the pedestrian zone at four in the morning
  • If you get a second chance to ask a girl for her phone number – just don’t miss it. (you shouldn’t have missed it at the first time, anyway – if someone feels addressed now – just sent me your number, or drop me a few lines, “accidentally” adding your signature…!)
  • it's bright as hell outside at 5am
  • students currently studying in their first semesters might be actually born in 1985 or 1986
  • knowing your DJ's they'll play any reasonable song
    • thx to Dj Heinz for "Football is coming home"
    • thx to Dj Hammer for "Justus Köhnke - So weit wie noch nie"

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  1. Conny says:

    *dazu hab ich grad bei zeit.de folgendes gefunden: "Lukas Podolski, in dessen Biografie das jeden Erwachsenen erschütternde Geburtsjahr 1985 angeführt ist..." (http://www.zeit.de/2006/26/Fussball-Podolski)

    erschreckend, oder?

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Ziemlich erschreckend.. Wir werden alt Conny..

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