Sports - Part 8 - Human Soccer Cup

The Winning TeamIn 2004 had organized the first human soccer cup at the university. Obvious that such a tournament would be a good idea to support the World championship opening party. Unluckily only very few students agreed on this idea. So there were only four teams competing with each other. One was a team from, another one was the champion of 2004 – my soccer team of the Uni-Cup - Partysan Bamberg 03. In 2004 I think I had the chance to play one or two games for the Team. This year I was playing for Partysan Bamberg! Without losing a single game we defended our title and won some 30 litres of beer!

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  1. Soccer Worldcup Opening Party

    Last weeks Friday was the opening of the soccer worldcup 2006. Since Germany is the host of this tournament and our team has the honour to do the opening game, it went without saying, that organized an event to celebrate this. First element was an


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