Wheat Pillow

Since I’m a rather lazy guy I don’t own a hot water bottle because in my opinion it is rather nerve-wracking to get that thing hot.. Heat the water and then fill it into the bottle without getting burned.. Than it’s to hot… You’ll need a nice cloth bag around, which could get you some laughter from your friends, if it looks like this. So I got myself a wheat pillow. It looks rather neutral, can be heated within two minutes in my microwave oven and is a good friend while having trouble with a stiff neck.

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  1. Wheat Pillow 2.0

    Due to problems with my neck during the last days I though it would be a good idea to help my neck a little. So I took an offer from Tchibo and "upgraded my old wheat pillow to the next level. I now own the pictured neck/back electric pad.Guess it is


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  1. Maddin says:

    *Hey Jürgen!

    Ich finde, jetzt wo du so ein Wärmekissen zum entspannen hast, kannst du mal einen Blick auf <a href="http://http://gothar.go.ohost.de/?p=56">diesen BBeitrag</a> in meinem Blog antworten (grins). Vielleicht fallen dir ja ein paar tolle "fifty Cents" dazu ein ;-)

  2. Anonymous says:


    <a href="http://gothar.go.ohost.de/?p=56">Den da da</a>, meinte ich <strong>g</strong> Irgendwie hat es mit dem Hyperlink nicht so ganz funktioniert. Sorry ...

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