Bierkeller #3 – Reundorf

On Friday was my third visit to a beer garden this year. We finally managed to organize a little trip, in order to “earn” our beer. So we met at the city and started for the beer garden by bike. Markus, Julia, Nadine, Annika, Jürgen, Soli, and me took the distance by bicycle and Soli’s friend Leni joined us later by car..

MeadowOn our way to Reundorf we first crossed the Hain, had to drive up a little hill after leaving Bamberg Bug, and later entered the beautiful meadows before Reundorf. But of course we took the chance to stop here and there in order to have a break. At a little stop at the meadows, my friends got entertained by me crawling on the ground to get a few nice shots. But I think my new header picture was worth my efforts.

SchmausenkellerThe beer garden in Reundorf is called "Schmausenkeller" and it is a real beauty. It is situated on the shadow edge of a forrest up a little hill. We got us a table, in the sun and went for some Radler (which is 50/50 beer/lemonade). With 1,5€ for half a liter it is one of the cheapest beer gardens around Bamberg.

The food was also quite good, and it is even possible to get coffee and cake at the beer garden. We had a lot of fun sitting in the sun talking and far too soon it was time to start back home...

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  1. Barbecue #1, #2, #3 and #4

    Ok, this is a general write up on the last barbecue sessions, but somehow I didn’t make it to write a post about each specific incident. My first time this year was at my neighbours place Phil, were we had a nice evening at the terrace of his flat-sharing


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