Laax 2006 – Day 6 – Sea of clouds

Over the mountainsGetting up this morning was a little harder.. some of us who celebrated up into the morning didn’t make it at all… The weather didn’t seem to be very promising. Very cloudy.. but we were actually inside the clouds. So we targeted some higher points of the skiing area, with the hope the weather would be better there. I still remember us sitting at the La Siala chair lift, and suddenly we were in bright sunshine above the clouds! You are enjoying this few for quite a while now – it is my current header picture (which will be replaced very soon by something more adequate for springtime).

Break!We then took the fastest way over to the Vorab-Glacier. Up there we had the same beautiful view over the mountains (not without taking a few impressive photographs on the way). Since the slope down there was still halfway stuck into clouds we had a long break (I think I stayed almost three hours there;)) on the top of the Vorab. Since we were quite well equipped with all kind of stuff, we didn’t miss a thing up there. We had beer, music played out of our mobile phones, lunch out of our lunch boxes, sweets, and we had our lovely group which was also good for some snowy action. Luckily I was the photographer, and so no snow was rubbed in my face. Our birthday child who was a little late this day did get a special treatment… It was also a great pleasure to have Christian and Bianca joining us up there!

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  1. Questionnaire 2006

    I had this meme last year, and I thought it might be nice to answer it again. Last year it was dominated by issues during my stay in Malaysia. Guess this year it's a little less extraordinary.Gained or lost weight? – Don't know, don't care - my friends


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