Laax 2006 – Day 5 – Cloudy Morning / Martin’s Birtday

sunshineIt was one of the very few days, when there was bad weather in the morning. We got up and were a little disappointed because the lack of sunshine. So we had our lunch inside at the Berghaus Nagens. But since the sun didn’t have a chance to melt the snow we had real good conditions on the piste. In the afternoon it the clouds faded away a little bit and we got at least some sunshine.

Party!But the spectacular issue on this day was of course the party for Martin’s birthday on the following day. I got to admit, that I for myself spent quite a lot of time away from our main group at the kitchen, but inside the main room the party was already growing. Finally at midnight Martin got his birthday cake and everyone was up congratulating him. But of course this was not the end of both party and evening. While at the main room some of us went for a little dance we got some scientific findings on different shoe sizes at the kitchen. Also some of the equipment was tested for its durability.

Btw, did you that Austrians found out that woolly hats have a better durability than regular ski helmets? They threw both a woolly hat and a ski helmet down a big bridge. At the bottom they noticed that the ski helmet was broken – while the woolly hat was unharmed!

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