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Since I set up this blog page I started only with a few users, who helped me to set up the site and tested the script. I began advertising the page at the partycipate semester warmup party on April 11th since this day the number has increased to a maximum of 115 visits a day (on April 25th). The maximum data transfer was 62.37MB/day so far. Even including the first two weeks (with only very few visitors) I registered an average of 49 visits/day.

I will be very happy if I can keep the page attractive enough to attract an average of 50 visitors/day (at a rate of 1.8 visits/visitor this would mean 90 visits/day). This is far less then some 3000 visits/day registers, but for a private page that should be quite an achievement. So please help and visit my page daily ;-)

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