Sports – Part 3 – Jogging to Gaustadt

Since I wasn’t in the right mood yesterday I had my sporty activity postponed until today.. Back in Bamberg again there was plenty of possibilities to find a nice track. Now I’m glad to tell you how rejuvenating a cold shower can feel! Extraterrific! I really need to keep the training up to get back to my old shape. If I imagine, that I jogged 10km in an hour.. Still feels unbelievable. But let's see what I can write here in a few weeks. Yesterday I recieved a mail about activities of Partysan Bamberg - and I'm really looking forward for some activities with my friends there :-)

I was quite conservative and chose to run to Gaustadt. But I got lucky and found the right pace so I made it to jog 30minutes without a major stop! But after another 5 minutes I gave up and walked a lot of the remaining distance, since my feet didn’t feel that well. So the distance was about 6km, and my overall time 49 minutes.

Questions raised:

  • I wonder whether the Mainluststraße is the right location for SIPP?
  • How often is the floodgate in Gaustadt used? (This time I saw a small tourist boat passing through.)
  • How could I forget all those other questions, which I had on the way?

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  1. Soli says:

    *Was ist denn SIPP?

    <strong>immer neugierig und um keine Frage verlegen</strong>


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