Laax 2006 – Day 4 - It's a bright sunshiny day

After a good rest, the start into our third day on the piste was very smooth, once again Jack Johnson’s Upside Down accompanied us on our way to Laax, and because of the bright sunshine we started our way into the mountains with a very good mood. After reaching the first mountain top we took a few very good and funny shots. Taking the slope down to Plaun we had a little break, and my mood was a little darkened. A friend from university called me, to tell me that results would be available online. So I would be tempted to look them up… After entering the area of Nagens/Mutta we found a really nice block slope, and Markus and I separated from the rest of the group to do our runs a little faster. What a pleasure to take the slope without a stop!.

We then decided to head for Alp Ruschein to have lunch break there once more. Since the glacier was open we took the long run down to Alp Ruschein. Down there we had our lunch and some beer and it was really relaxed once more. Our boarder friends were not up to such a long break like Annika, Markus and I did, so we were on our own for the last downhill runs. At the Crap Sogn Gion we missed the others, since we had some beers at the terrace upside the closed Rockbar. So we had to take the last downhill run alone. Markus and Annika were not too pleased, since the warm weather had transformed most of the snow into a slushy mass.

In the evening we went for some diversion and watched a movie. Unluckily I already knew “I, Robot” and since I prefer the original story by Isaac Assimov, I spend the time in the kitchen having a few beers. I don’t recall how late it was, when I went to bed, but I was the last one to cuddle into his sleeping bag in my room at that night.

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