Laax 2006 – Day 3

on the slopeThe first thing that comes into my mind remembering day two would be “nothing special” but thinking a little deeper there are still a few issues to write a review about:
For the start we headed down to a T-bar lift and afterwards had a long slope down to Plaun. At this run all of the skiing pictures at the image series were shot by Paul. Down at Plaun we waited for Stefan, whose board was accidentally left at the quarters. While waiting there Berit and Lulu had a little snow fight ;-) The weather was cloudy at the morning but it cleared up after noon and I decided to wear a woolly hat in order to protect my ears from the sun.

wicker sea chairFor our Apres Ski unluckily the rock bar was closed. But at least this gave us the chance to occupy the wicker beach chairs for a rest. Before returning home to our quarters we took a small detour and visited a local super market. Markus and me got us some supplies for the next days, in case that the Rock bar would also be closed. There is nothing spectacular to report about the evening. Tired of the preceding days I went to bed at around 11pm.

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