Laax 2006 – Day 2 - On the piste for the first time

The first day is always a kind of a challenge – travelling with a huge group, there are sooo many things that might go wrong... For example people forgetting part of his Ski-gear, or just people who are oversleeping the departure time. A lot of those weird things are possible if you are not yet in a certain routine of getting your stuff ready for the piste. Luckily this time our group wasn’t that big, and none of the described problems occurred. So the only issue was that hardly anyone was ready for departure at 9pm… I got up last at 8:30 and hit the car first at 9:00 at the dot. But the fifteen additional minutes it took to get everyone ready were bearable, which was quite astonishing since everyone was celebrating into the small hours the day before.

Alp RuscheinAfter getting the ski gear ready, everyone had to buy a ticket for the ski lifts. Remarkable that Laax has completely switched to contactless smart cards, so accessing the mountain railways would be a child’s play for all of us. It was also no longer necessary to hand in passport photos for the ticket – this was taken by a digital camera automatically (The procedure reminded my a little bit to the Thai immigration). We wanted to take a relaxed start, and took the first slope down to Plaun to enter the area around Nagens. The mountain railway up to Nagens was a very good chance for me to catch up on my left out breakfast. We found out that the ski lift to alp Ruschein was running, so we decided to have our lunch break there, and started heading from Nagens to Ruschein. Our way led us through the new lift up to Mutta, La Siala, Fuorcla, the Vorab Glacier and then down the black slope to Alp Ruschein. Down at Alp Ruschein we were rewarded with bright sunshine and about 15°C –what a nice place to relax! To finish our skiing day, we took the slope from Crap Masegn to Plaun, had a beer at Crap Sogn Gion's Rock Bar.

Relaxed evening at the boardercampSince it was Sunday our chef prepared us a really delicious pork roast with savoy. But we didn’t have another exuberant party… everyone was quite tired. But our host and Martin had to wait for our guests from Coburg, which were supposed to arrive around 1am at the Boardercamp. I joined them waiting, and we waited… our friends were just a little late and arrived after 2pm. They also managed to inform almost everyone of there arrival due to the amount of noise they made moving into their room… I only asked them once to be quiet, and used my mp3-player to filter out the rest of the noise… So I finally got to sleep around 3am.

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  1. Sabine says:

    *Ach ja, der neue Blog-Header, jetzt hab ich's auch endlich gemerkt... hübsch.

    Und das war wieder eine neuer Fall aus der beliebten Reihe "Wenn's mal wieder länger dauert".

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Gell :-) Das nächste mal schreib ich wieder extra für dich ne Ankündigung, dass ichs geändert hab ;-)

    VG Jay

  3. Sabine says:

    *Ach, das wär aber nett... :-)

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