Laax 2006 – Journey/Annika’s Birthday

Annika checking at the meeting pointI decided to split my posting about the skiing trip into some smaller postings. So I hope I won’t get you bored with a giant posting, which nobody reads… So you will get a story to each of my already published image galleries. Today it’s for Day 1.

Luckily I had a wrong meeting time in my mind (12:00pm instead of 12:30pm), so I reached the meeting point at the university some 20 minutes early. Since we had a big Ford minibus, with a huge loading space, we didn’t have any problems in loading the luggage. I only had to take five pairs of skiers into my roof carrier. Departure time was planned for 1pm, but since Jochen was little late we started at 1:15pm. Driving convoy got a little boring after some time, we took a little breakfast break at some Burger King restaurant near the highway. Birthday partyWe reached Hard (AT) by 5:35pm to fill our tanks with cheap Austrian fuel. Another 90 minutes later we reached our target in Rueun. The second of April is Annika’s birthday, so there was a little party planned for the evening. So this was a very good time for the first get-together with our other travel colleagues. Some of us already showed there skills they have: singing, dancing, partying  or simply drinking. So you bet it went late… I hit my bed around 3am..

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