Horizons2020 – A thought provoking look at the future

Often big companies are trying to see a little bit of the future, to enhance their capabilities to deal with possible changes. Siemens tried to do this lately by asking tns infratest to do a study how our life could look like in 2020. The study is available in both English and German. There are two possible Horizons covered in that study. The first one “Equality, Freedom, Modesty” has a rather strong government, and the economy and society is highly regulated in Europe. The second Horizon shows a less regulated picture of the future “Energy, Networking, Risk”. If you are up for some visions go for this study and get a little thinking.

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  1. Wuschel says:

    *Thank you very much! Now I only need 200 sheets of paper, and I will have a very interesting lecture for my next few train rides :-) Very interersting indeed!

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Have fun :-) It's really worth reading!

  3. paule says:

    *tjaa, kaum is der jay ausm haus tanzen die spammer aufm tisch.

    :-) zeit wird's herzla!

    (ah ich seh da unten wieder unerkenntliches buchstabenwirrwarr, dann probier ich halt mein glück ;-)!)

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Ist nur einer von ungefähr 50 Postings durchgekommen.. Das werte ich mal als Erfolg :-) Posting is mittlerweile gelöscht, und "Texas" is auf meiner Ban-List für Comment-Autoren.

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