1Y - Great Update

During the last weeks, and especially last week I managed to get some major updates done at both Blog script and image gallery. You might want to look for some of the features:

  • Gallery: Fullscreen javascript slide show works
  • Gallery: Latest comments to images can be viewed
  • Blog: Switched to 3 column layout. Since almost everybody has a screen resolution of 1024x768 anyway, I decided, to get my blog a little more sorted. Unluckily, IE6 still has some problems with my style sheet.. I’m trying to get that issue fixed.
  • Blog: Logged in edtors don’t need to put in captchas for comments anymore (ok, this is rather only an update for me)
  • Blog: Pimped up my Blogroll. Icons for the blog language, and the country where the blogger resides in have been added
  • Blog: Better comment spam protection
  • Blog: Publicon-Style Link Icons + You are invited to link my Blog via this icon:
  • Blog: Added Audio-Scrobbler-Plugin - You can see the music to which I’m listening now
  • Blog: Started freestyle-tagging my entries and added tag-cloud
  • Blog: Added my latest del.icio.us Links

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