10 good reasons to blog in a foreign language

Sabine inspired me to this post, talking about the German spelling reform. I had this issue covered through an article analysing why blogging for me in English is the right decision. But I think there is a more humorous approach to this question, so here are my reasons:

10. No worries about local spelling reforms.

09. You will attract foreign readers, who will try to convince you of their issues “Buy Viagra and Cialis for only….”

08. You can write things in a subtle way, some readers might not understand (Sorry, no practical examples on that, since I want to keep you in the dark about some all of those subtle hints).

07. Looking up words in a big dictionary will help you to get really fast in using indexes or might even train some muscles, if the dictionary is only heavy enough. (Luckily I’m using a computer dictionary ;-))

06. The question why you are using a foreign language is always a nice issue to discuss about “You are German, you should write in German, too!”…

05. It is really nice to explore linguistic niceties looking up words in a dictionary. How else would you ever get to learn that a “wet blanket” and “to be prone to tears” are not related?

04. It still something foreign and mistakes using that language will be forgiven easier in comparison to mistakes in you native language.

03. You get additional value to your posts by misunderstanding caused by wrong wordings “He is not in anymore” vs. “he already left the office”.

02. You can improve in this language: “Me English is no powderful! English is not my mother’s toung-la!”

01. A lot of false friends you might get acquainted to (actually I will eventually finish this list now!).

P.S. Greetings go to Simon a blogger from Malaysia who has been writing tons of funny Top10 lists.

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  1. simon says:


    i've kinda slowed down on the top 10 lists recently... but this one is good!

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Hi Simon,

    thanks for dropping buy :-). I recently started working through my old linklists.. when my exam period is over I might be around in the Malaysian Blogosphere a littel more :-)

    Best Regards


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