Out to Borders

After doing my blog-posting for today (spent over 2 hours at my second office, which actually is Starbucks). I had a closer look at the small shopping mall here near my condo. Then I decided to go for some time at the pool. At 4pm Ben and Hardi where supposed to collect me to go for some downtown shopping at a big new book shop called Borders. But they were a little late and we got directly into the afternoon rain. Parked at the roof of BB Plaza ) gotta get back there to take some photos from there, if the weather is better), we headed for Times Square But since heavy rain continued to fall we were trapped halfway – guess where – at Low Yat Plaza, where I happened to spent so much time on Saturday.

Didn’t buy anything else. Later we finally made it to Times Square (only with the help ofHardi’s umbrella, and with a wet back, cause it wouldn’t cover us three completely). You could spent hours at borders flipping through interesting books. I found quite a few, which I might buy sometime.. but since my shopping budget was already spent on Saturday I resisted in buying any. I still got Joseph Weizenbaum’s “Computer Power and Human Reason, From Judgment to Calculation” here to read.

After leaving Borders, Ben brought us to some nice Chinese Place outside KL to eat. I enjoyed the spicy meal and came home really filled up.


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