Out to the city

Ye-Haa, I’m typing on my new external keyboard right now, which actually is far too compact.. but it was cheap and I can lean back to type now.

After working on my blog from Starbucks I went out into the city. First I had to change the date of my flight to back to Germany back to its original date. I had it changed to July 12th  because the clerk in Frankfurt told my had to, to prevent running into trouble with the Malaysian immigration.  It took me a while to find the counter of Malaysian Airlines at KL Sentral station, after arriving there by train. Then it was the usual game here in Malaysia – take a number and wait until it shows up on a board with a counter number. Although they had 10 counters opened it took ten minutes until it was my turn to speak to a friendly clerk. I explained my problem and had immediately changed the date back - without any charge. That was some good service.

Shopping at Low Yat Plaza
Then I headed for Low Yat Plaza (see shopping malls), where Hardi told me would be a good place to shop. In need  of a Kensington lock, to leave my private PC unattended at work I thought this might be a good place to head for. Hardi also said, that you could spend a few hours there. I ended up buying 

  • a Kensington lock (35MYR)
  • a external keyboard (15MYR)
  • 10 Maxwell DVD-R (29MYR)
  • 1st season of the series 24 (60MYR)
  • some magazines and postcards (20MYR)

Some things were quite cheap, but considering I only et an allowance of MYR 1600 this is still some money. Next time i'll try only to buy neccessary stuff.


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  1. cs says:

    *Moin Jay!

    So nachdem Du ja nun Postkarten gekauft hast werd ich mal gleich einen Blick in meinen Briefkasten werfen, vielleicht is sie ja schon da ;-)

    Irgendwie wäre es sehr sinnvoll wenn Du für uns nich Malayen die Preise in Eur angeben würdest, dann könnte ich auch ein bisschen besser planen was ich bei Dir alles einkaufen werde ;-)

    So jetzt erst mai ich die Arbeit! Schönen abend noch!

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Mhm. naja. ist ganz einfach alles durch 5 teilen, so ist der Umrechnungskurs gerade. Da hier alles ziemlich am Dollar haengt ist es noch guenstiger als normal ;-)
    Das ich Postkarten gekauft hab, heisst ja noch nicht, dass ich Zeit hatte sie zu schreiben ;-). Ich informiere doch schon per Internet was abgeht, sogar mit eigenen Bildern! Da kann das mit der Karte ja net so pressieren.



  3. Conny says:

    *Bullshit. No problem with immigration at all. Immigration officers don't check the ticket for when's your flight back.
    The ppl had no idea what they were talking about.

  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Jepp. You are 100% right.. that's what i know now.. But this girl in Frankfurt was quite convincing.. But since it is fixed quite easy i don't consider it a problem. How are you? How is your master thesis? Nice to see you around here.



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