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Today we can hear the end of a story in our newspapers, about a Dr, who wanted to become an ordinary Professor at the University of Münster. But his colleagues, who’s task it was to care about this, somehow didn’t like the idea and managed to block the process for some twenty five years. But somehow universities seem to be institutions with a lot of momentum… It’s too sad, to see that comparable arbitrariness has been exercised at your own university. I still remember a good friend of mine, who was really pissed on our ministry because he thought they would slow down the re-staffing of a professorship in his faculty. Since he has some connection to our government he decided to make some efforts to find out about the problems the ministry had about this re-staffing (according to our university administration the problem was at the ministry). Due to his good connections my friend than found out that the issue could not be put down to a problem the ministry, but at our own university administration! So our own administration had unnecessarily slowed down the process! Asking about the why, you might think that something like this can happen if people are a little clumsy, or in such turbulent times like right now, but can this explain a delay of a whole year? Or is there another reason… (We are currently researching some possible reasons.) I think it is quite sad, that in our academic circles problems like this can’t be addressed openly.

Some of the relevant persons obiously understood Prof. Eickels anectode at his inaugural lecture very well:

He was talking about voting processes in the medieval times. At a certain occasion the voting between the cardinals for a new pope took far too long. So the cardinals were put under a little pressure from outside. (As you know the cardinals do their votings and talks cut from the outside world). First their food got limited: From initially three to two meals, then to one meal, and at the end to water and bread. Since this didn’t help the decision process, it was decided that it was no longer be taken care about their excrements. And then even the soldiers guarding the voting were ordered to help a little and add their excrements (I don’t think that it is much fun, if someone puts real shit on your roof, when everything else is already quite unhygienic..)

After Professor Eickel finished this story and said that something similar could have been of use to accelerate the re-staffing of his position, some people felt obviously quite insulted and left the event...

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  1. Conny says:

    *Errm... Münster, not Heidelberg.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Wie bin ich etz auf Heidelberg gekommen. <strong>rätsel</strong>

    thx :-)


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