Glad to have online networking

This morning I read Nils blog, and found an article which reminded me to well known problems.. But I was gather my thoughts on the topic to get a helpful comment for him. So I asked Paule to write something, since she is always a very good help in handling emotions. And her statement to the problem was really impressive. A little later Nils threw the Baton for a little questionnaire to Paule, and now she is thinking about how to answer on that (P.S. I know you hit me Sabine, but I’m a little bored with questionnaires atm). Guess the questionnaire is good distraction for Paule.

Somehow this online networking impresses me. Well, we had a media break, because I talked to paule through the Chat. But it’s interesting how people can grow a little bit together by sharing something like blogging.

Now something a little out of the context… But after talking about Paules abilities to help with emotional problems I think she will advice me to talk about this thought: Feelings can be something quite irrational. I think this is nothing new for most of us. I’ve learned to build up quite a good shield around me, which allows me to “filter” some emotions, but there are moments when I’m glad that some emotions can’t be blocked that easily. Guess I’m about to enjoy this atm.


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