Workshop on Social Software

I'm currently occupied by a very promising workshop on "Social Software - Networking im Internet". I'll get you a detailed report later :-)

Edit 3:53pm: Jan puts me a little under pressure, since he already managed to get a decent article about this workshop online here. Somehow I feel like live-blogging is not my cup of tea.. But Martin Wilbers is doing a good job here. Florian Renz has also started to talk about the Workshop in his Weblog.

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  1. Workshop “Networking im Internet”

    Jetzt im Augenblick sitze ich mit etwa 20 weiteren Studenten im Rechenzentrum an der Uni Bamberg und verfolge das von Martin Röll geleitete Seminar “Networking im Internet”. Wir werden im Laufe der nächsten vier Stunden hören, welche Ein...

  2. Workshop "Social Software" in Bamberg

    Am Freitag war ich in Bamberg und habe dort einen Workshop "Social Software: Networking im Internet" abgehalten. Ursprünglich sollte der Workshop von mir zusammen mit Mario Sixtus geleitet werden,...

  3. Workshop “Networking im Internet”

    Im Moment beginnt gerade der Workshop "Social Software: Networking im Internet", den unsere Forschungsstelle im Rahmen der "Futuredays"-Reihe organisiert hat. Mario Sixtus musste grippebedingt leider absagen, aber Martin Röll i...


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  1. JanSchmidt says:

    *Don't worry - looking forward to lenghty ex-post-analysis on the workshop.. :-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Tobi has already asked my to write a short article for So I guess I even HAVE TO do this. But since I don't expect to publish an english text I'll don't know what will be first.. an english-analysis or a german writeup..

  3. Jan says:

    *You might ask Martin Wilbers to join you for the article, his lenghty live-summary could be a good starting point (or at least a reference to link to from

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