King's Palace

escutcheon of the kingThe King’s palace is a popular sight. Bus loads of tourists get dropped at the front gate of the palace. Also there is net really much to see. There is the chance to get a picture in front of gate, or with one of the traditional guards. Since one is sitting on a horse, this is something special, though. We visited the King’s palace on our public holiday tour last week. Since Hardi had brought his tripod, we took some pictures of our whole group. Anyone interested in background information, how important the king is to the Malaysian people can have a look at this picture.


  1. Public Holiday

    Thursday was a public holiday, so I didn’t have to work. Already at the beginning of the week Ben suggested, that we should meet for lunch and have "spare parts soup". So we decided to meet at the condo here and then go for lunch. Dirk and I wen


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