Temperature Drop

The current temperature drop seems to be a very interesting topic to blog about. Unluckily it is a few days late because the snow has already completely vanished in Bamberg. For both Nils and Sabine the current temperature is an issue. Jan already covered the topic, with a picture when there was still snow in Bamberg.
Although I was a lot on the road today (went into the city three times), I found the temperature still bearable – probably because I did always wear cap, gloves and a warm scarf. Or because it was far colder the evening before walking home after Monday’s Schwoof.

But there is a lesson I learned today… Bier won’t get influenced by low temperatures as easy as some people think. But water does – so you’d never forget to unload a cradle of water from your car, when it is very cold outside..

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  1. Zed says:

    *tja spassmuss geldkosten.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Tja.. 0,88EUR hat der Kasten Wasser gekostet.. 1/3 des inhalts is drauf gegangen also knapp 30cent. Was mehr schmerzt is da ja das Pfand der 3 kaputten Flaschen..

  3. BrotZapfen says:

    *Mehr Rechte für Wasserkästen!
    Man lese das bitte NICHT andersrum!

    so und hier nun ein weiterer tipp zum thema kälte: Eiszapfen nur bis zur haelfte mit dem Feuerzeug abschmelzen, sonst riecht es komisch und man jault!

  4. goldkind says:

    *This temerature drop is an interesting topic indeed...
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